Wednesday, September 26, 2012

   Hello everybody! Today is going to be more of a serious post. Also, please look at the post below this one if you haven't yet. To start off for today you will be hearing about the kind of learner I am. I had taken two tests- the Howard Gardner and Anthony Gregorc test. For both I had gotten different results. On the Gardner I was told that I was a Logical Mathematical, Musical, and a Interpersonal learner.For the Gregorc test I was told that I was Concrete Random. In the Gardener it had basically told me I learn best by music,math, and by working in groups. For the Gregorc, Concrete Random means that I learn best by, solving problems and playing games. Basically it is more of an interactive approach. From this it has the potential to help me study. I can use one of these ideas to help me with quizzes. I wonder how Alexander Graham Bell, Einstein, and Adrian Peterson learned. To start Adrian Peterson must be a Bodily Kinesthetic and Concrete random learner. Alexander was probably a logical mathematical and Abstract Sequential learner. Einstein was probably a logical mathematical and Abstract sequential too. As you can see many people learn in many different writing stiles.
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  1. Yah Darien. We rock because we are Logical Mathematical, and Concrete Random. That's the way to role!!

  2. Good job, but you needed to explain the results with more detail.