Sunday, January 27, 2013

Music’s influence on Teen Culture

     Music, a way for people to express themselves. This can turn into something very bad. All it could take is just one simple song to change someone’s life. Many rappers can emit a bad influence that can ruin some teenager’s lives. They also can emit the fact of new items or stores.

     The fact that people may repeat in steps of some rappers are very bad. For example some people at a young age may start smoking. This can ruin reputations and hopes as a good future. It can also turn them from the right direction into the pits.

     This can also emit a good attitude too. For example it can tell people of let’s say, new uggs. This can tell people that are a fan of uggs that there is a new pair. This can increase the buyer productivity of those uggs.

     As you may see, music can be both good and bad at times. From emitting bad influence to telling of a new product. It can range from helping someone’s life to destroying it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My 20% project is about the history of lacrosse and how to make a lacrosse shaft. I want to so this because I am very intrigued in the sport and would like to learn more about it.I mainly want to know is how lacrosse had originated. I need :

  1. 10 bamboo poles
  2. A carving knife
  3. Flexible wood(for the head)
  4. String
  5. A way to put my brand onto the stick
    My plan is to first come up with a way to carve my pole and make it be aerodynamic. After that I will try my hardest to carve a head and if I cant I will have to buy one myself. After that I will come up with an emblem for my brand and put it on the stick someway.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

              What I learned throughout 2012

In 2012 I learned that in order to amount to something great you must train and get better a  using your skills. For example I had tried out for an advanced lacrosse team and made it. They only had one complaint about the way I had used my stick skills. From now until the first practice been training and getting better with it.
As a matter of fact, my resolution is to get better with my stick skills. I am practicing with my stick rolls and ball hawking players passes. So far I have gotten better at ball hawking but, I still need better rolls. It is hard to stick with but, you just have to persist and it will soon get easier. It takes a while to get used to New Year resolutions but after a while it gets easier.