Wednesday, September 26, 2012

   Hello everybody! Today is going to be more of a serious post. Also, please look at the post below this one if you haven't yet. To start off for today you will be hearing about the kind of learner I am. I had taken two tests- the Howard Gardner and Anthony Gregorc test. For both I had gotten different results. On the Gardner I was told that I was a Logical Mathematical, Musical, and a Interpersonal learner.For the Gregorc test I was told that I was Concrete Random. In the Gardener it had basically told me I learn best by music,math, and by working in groups. For the Gregorc, Concrete Random means that I learn best by, solving problems and playing games. Basically it is more of an interactive approach. From this it has the potential to help me study. I can use one of these ideas to help me with quizzes. I wonder how Alexander Graham Bell, Einstein, and Adrian Peterson learned. To start Adrian Peterson must be a Bodily Kinesthetic and Concrete random learner. Alexander was probably a logical mathematical and Abstract Sequential learner. Einstein was probably a logical mathematical and Abstract sequential too. As you can see many people learn in many different writing stiles.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

  OK, to start off this will be a very long post.Just stay tuned because it gets exciting. To start off I will do a post at the end of every weekend called the weekend buzz. It will either be about myself or you guys. You can email me at Here we go with the very first buzz.
Weekend Buzz 1: This weekend had many ups and downs. I'm going to start with good then say the bad to make you be miserable for the rest of the week:). Sorry, I don't really mean that. The good news was it was my dad's birthday. YEAH! Good thing it wasn't spent in the emergency room.
 Yes, I was almost sent to the emergency room on the night of 9/22.It all started by riding my go kart up and down the street. My dad wanted to ride it and after he was done said it was a bit too slow. He wanted to fix it and needed light so, I went inside and grabbed my light sword(a cheap plastic thing) to help him. He fixed it and I went up in front of the go kart to see if there was a bolt missing by using my light sword . I realized there wasn't and just stood there. My dad turned it on and immediately the light turns on and the engine revs as it starts coming to me at high speed. My dad had managed to get a grip but it had quickly slipped away. I successfully get out of the way and then it turns right to me. It pins me on the front and then my back goes through bushes and then hits my bike. Instantly I fall to the ground and feel a sting in my left thigh. It had ran it over.The moment I can I get up and start to wearily walk away. I stop dead as I feel the intense pain hit me. My dad escorts me to the house into my room. We look at the damage and I was luckey to only have many bruises and a few scrapes on my feet.Also, the reason that I had gotten up right after I was hit was because something my mom had told me. It was called " Fight or Flight". It means that when your body gets hurt you either stay and fight or you run away and take flight.
  Now I find two things very fun in this. First off, my dad showed me the skidmarks on the driveway from this. You sees the tracks go straight and randomly turn right to where I was standing. Aparently my go kart is possessed!Second thing I found funny is that I had held on to my lightsword through out the whole entire catashtrophie. I had only realized it was still in my hand when my dad had told me to drop. Okay everybody, that was the first weekly buzz hoped that you enjoyed it . Also, don't forget to give your friends my URL. That all for now Folks. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

OK, This is the very first update. To start every couple days I will be adding a joke. Today is going to have the very first one. Here goes everything.        JOKE 1:Luke, who lived in a small town, was teased everywhere he went as he had a completely bald head! Having put up with it for years, he decided to would not take it any more. So he climbed a tall tower and shouted for everyone to hear: "I am not bald, it just so happens that I'm taller than my hair!"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

  In case some of you don't know , this is my first time ever blogging. Just let me know if you have any compliments or complaints . Okay so to start I recently had two soccer games. For those of you who don't know I play defense. Well lets start on a positive note, first game we demolished 5-0. Next game though we had sadly lost 6-1. It would be 6-0 if my friend Ethan Shaw didn't have an amazing headder into a goal. Also, I can't forget the fact that I will ost every other day or every two days. Finnaly, don't forget to look at my " list of random people I know who have blogs". Well that is it for now.